Welcome to the Aasaurian Chronicles: Illaria!

The gods are at rest, the Titans struggle endlessly against their bonds formed long ago after their rebellion against their creators was quelled in a spectacular conflict that forever changed the shape of their world. Elves were created next, smaller beings with only love for the gods and their creations. Soon, Men arose from the Elves and because of their misuse of the gifts of the gods were banished from the garden. From the banishment came the Dwarves who stayed behind in the frozen mountains of Ikathane.

Unrest developed as the god’s quarrelled with one-another over who had rights to rule. War ensued and the Daemons were born of fury. The supreme God who gave his essence to create the pantheon used the last of His will to create the Guardians; great dragons with the power to protect the mortals and stay the hands of the gods. Though powerful, they were not incorruptable, and so they fell because of love, losing their immortality.

War again came as the Highborne, Elves who gained the forbidden art of creation, magic, sought to enslave the other races and use them to build their empire of flying cities. From this conflict, the Tameless were born. Highborne who abandoned their people and the use of magic to create a warrior’s utopia on a savage island far from the conflict. And from this bitter conflic came the Dragon Crusade, the war to end the reign of the Highborne lead by the seed of Guardian Veagna, Durian Holonoc.

I’ve been working on this project since I was about twelve years old and it is just now hitting the high point of its creation. I’ve played with this setting from ADnD 2.0 to 3.5 and 4.0, but now I’m wanting to move it to a completely new and custom system that will appear exclusivly here on Obsidian Portal until I feel it’s ready to be published. Its working title is APress, a fully customizable system using percentages to determine outcomes. It is also unique in that its entire skill list has usable functions inside and outside of battle, making the days of seperation between roleplaying and power-gaming long gone.

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