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The world was once barren and across a vast expanse of land, the gods battled on endlessly to decide who had the right to rule. The bloody and destructive war continued for countless eons until the arena, the once great super-continent of Myur, was fractured into many tiny pieces by the great force of the battles raging on. Some of the land was lost, but what remained was enough to sustain the gods and their lust for conquest. Satisfied, they began to cultivate their world to their liking while slowly fading into complacency. Tryvel, the sage-god of magic; Ehdki, the god-prince of justice; Bald, the god-king of war; Valuna, the god-empress of mercy; Nermeiah, the god-princess of knowledge; and Vecta the faceless-god of fate were set in their ways and slowly gathered their power to pour new life into the land of Arn. Their creations would go on to multiply, gather power, and ultimately war with one another just as they had. The gods looked on, captivated by the plots and battles of their creations, secretly wagering their power to one another and granting their favor to those who would take up arms in their name. Four great continents emerged from the power struggle:

Eldus, home to the twisted realm of the Baelian Empire and its race of varied demonic entities towered over the others in military might and sought to conquer all four of the great continents and subdjugate the other peoples of the world under the grey-gold banner of Bael. The only ones who stand in their way are the free-folk of the northern shores, the Warren and their divided clans of beast-men.

Tythor, Ancestral home to the Karevs in the west and the Dwaun of the east. Though the two clans have a mutual distrust of one another, a tennuous set of armistice and trade agreements keep them civil and thriving, the combined might of these two factions alone could turn the tide in a war with Bael if they could ever truly work together…though that seems unlikely given that the Karev recently invaded and took over the neighboring kingdom of Merennia, home to the Ahngels who had been trading with the Dwuan for some time. To avoid a costly war, and the obliteration of their species, the Ahngles moved west in great ships bound for a mysterious new land thought to have at one time been lost to the waves.

Once the new world, Argos, had been discovered, the other races swarmed to get a foothold. Once Bael began to take interest, however, the Warren were overrun and forced to flee, joining forces with the Ahngles on Atol Island, where the other races, including rebel forces from Bael met to best decide the fate of Argos and the outcome of the coming war which would decide the face of Argos forever.

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